If you’re reading this, then undoubtedly you’ve gotten word of our new adventure – SilverCup Coffee Roasters – located in the Silver Valley of Northern Idaho. I wanted to write this first blog about our beginnings, so I suppose the best place to start is with who and why.

My very supportive wife (Meghan) and I (Andy) moved to the valley just over a year ago after she graduated from Northern Arizona University and accepted a job offer at the local medical center as a physical therapist. Having a degree in chemistry from the University of Montana I picked up a job working for a local water-testing lab servicing the mining industry. We brought along our dachshund (Lucky), and added a chocolate lab (Sierra) to our family and decided to make the Silver Valley our permanent home!

So why did we decide on opening our own roasting company? Well, I have always had a love for great coffee, and the dream started, as might be assumed, over a cup this last September from one of our local espresso stands. As I was enjoying my afternoon pick-me-up it occurred to me that although the Americano was good, there was just something missing in flavor that I desired. That’s about the time the light bulb went off and the dream of owning a roastery was born. Over the next few months I set out to learn as much about the craft as possible and prepare our business plan.

Now, as we look forward to the new year and all the trials and joys of owning our own business we invite you to join us on our journey by reading our blog series, “liking” us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter to catch all the latest on our progress! We hope to be roasting coffee by mid-summer 2013!