Anyone who has ever set out to accomplish a goal knows that making it to the end usually involves a lot of work, some of which doesn’t go exactly as planned. At the moment we feel a bit stalled in the middle of a cold winter, but I know that the best is yet to come! We’ve spent the last month and a half searching for the right location for our shop with many options falling through our fingers. However, after each opportunity passes by I’ve realized that it was for the best, as in hind sight each has had it’s undesirable traits. On the upside, as the location search continues it’s given us time to figure out what the next steps will be after the building is secured. From having a contractor review the installation requirements for the roaster, to actually ordering the roaster and finalizing the layout of the shop itself we are gaining knowledge with each passing day. So maybe all this waiting isn’t so bad, the goal is in sight (even through all the snow), and we can’t wait for that first batch of coffee to come out of the roaster!