Woohoo! It’s May and spring is finally here! But we are still getting those nice crisp mornings so we decided to send out a selection this month that will cut right through and get you into the afternoon where you can enjoy some sunshine!

This month you’ll find you have received a bag of our SilverCup Midnight (Oaxaca Mexico), and a bag of our Honduras. We purchase both of these green coffees through Growers First. We are a big fan of how Growers First chooses to help their farmers, walking right beside them to develop a better crop, get them a fair price, and helping take care of their families and the community.

Here is a short description from founder Dave Day on how Growers First got started: In 1997 while traveling through South and Central America on a coffee buying trip, I observed the challenges that impoverished farming families were facing. I returned home and started the non-profit organization, Growers First. Over the last 15 years, this NGO (501-3C) has utilized agriculture, education, and community networking as tools to help improve the quality of life for impoverished farming families and empower them to become self-sustaining. It has always been my intent to “give a hand up instead of a hand out.” If you want to read on, you can find the full interview with Dave here.


SilverCup Midnight is our darkest roast, so if you like a nice french roast this will fit right in. However, if you’re not much of a dark roast fan, we hope you’ll give it a shot, it is a very smooth drinking dark roast that still maintains some chocolate notes along with the deep smokey flavors that are developed by roasting to this level.


Our Honduras is roasted to a medium-dark level which brings out really nice chocolate and nut flavors. In a french press I almost find myself thinking it’s near a Nutella flavor, but you’ll have to discover for yourself!

Next month look forward to some lighter, fun, floral and berry summer time coffee from Ethiopia!

Happy Brewing!