As you break into your June delivery you’ll find two coffees that come from Ethiopia, but from two different regions with different qualities. These Ethiopian coffees come direct to us through Dominion Coffee Importers. Dominion gives back a portion of their profits from selling their green coffee to the New Covenant Foundation, (their non-profit) that works directly with villages in the areas of basic health needs, sanitation, etc.  The resources also support native church planters who have been trained and equipped to go out into these remote areas and start churches.

First up is Yirgacheffe: It is from the Worka plant in the Kochere area of Yirgacheffe. 3500 farmers bring their coffee to this plant, which has an elevation of 6086 ft. Medium roasted, this coffee has a dark chocolate and caramel aroma. It has a medium body with balanced flavors of maple, chocolate, lemon, and berry. The finish is creamy and sweet. The coffee is water processed.

Next is the Harrar: This coffee comes from the Dinku Plant in Deder Harrar. The elevation of the plant is 5577 ft (1700 m). With a medium-light roast this coffee has an exceptional quality with the fragrance and aroma of blueberries. It has a medium body with chocolate and a wonderful hint of blueberries. It finishes creamy and smooth and is long lasting. This coffee is dry processed.

Try both of these coffees hot and cold! They make a great iced cup!

Below you’ll find a few images showing the region from where these coffees originated.



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