Hope you all survived the indulgence of Thanksgiving! Now, there is only about 3 weeks til Christmas, so time to get ready!

To kick off the Christmas season we’re sending you our Mistletoe “Joe”, and as promised a free pound to gift to a friend! Ho Ho Ho, slap a bow on that baby and you’ve got one gift out of the way! (and it never hurts to let them know where they can get more…)

Our Mistletoe “Joe” is a great blend of 3 medium-dark roasted coffees (Honduras, Papa New Guinea, and Uganda) that really bring out a nice chocolate, spice, and slight smokey flavor. We hope you enjoy!

Second on the list is our Sumatra Special Dark. This is a fabulous roast that presents with a smooth dark chocolate, pine, and smokey flavor. Another perfect pairing for the winter season! So head out and enjoy that snow!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Hope the season is full of joy, love, and great coffee!

Happy Brewing