Well Summer is just flying by! I feel I spent much of it in anticipation of our first child, but am now happy to report that I’m one proud father of the most amazing baby boy named Aaron! He was born 7-24-14 and weighed in at 7lbs 12oz! What an experience!

But, you came to read about coffee right 😉

This month I’ll be sending out a pound of our Ethiopian Sidamo, and our Papa New Guinea Purosa.

Let’s start with the Sidamo. This is a darker roast as the coffee roasts to almost a rainbow of color! If you receive whole bean, take a look, you’ll see some beans are roasted dark and oily while others are light and tan. This gives this coffee a most interesting cup, smokey from the darker beans, yet chocolate and fruit emerge from the lighter with almost a chocolate and blackberry flavor. We purchase this green coffee from Dominion coffee traders and you can learn more about their work in Ethiopia here.

Our second coffee is from Papa New Guinea. Talk about a wild place, you can read a blog from Andrew with Vournas Coffee here, which is who we purchase this amazing green coffee from. This is a medium roasted coffee bringing out flavors of chocolate, caramel, cinnamon and nutmeg. I’ve included a few pictures below of PNG just to give you an idea of the remoteness of this coffee’s location!

As always I hope you enjoy these selections! Have a great August and stay cool out there!



Happy Brewing!