Welcome to our first month of SilverCup Coffee Club! Each month with your shipment you’ll be able to source our blog to find out a little more about the coffee that arrived on your doorstep! This month you’ll find that you’ve received two 1 lb bags, both from the Aceh region of Sumatra in Indonesia but roasted to differing degrees. The first is a medium roasted Sumatra which has roasting notes of chocolate, caramel, a light smoky pine, and a mild earthiness. The second is our Sumatra special dark. Roasted a bit longer to bring out more smoke and spice! We source our Aceh from Kabum, and if you haven’t read or seen their story about how they are transforming the lives of their farmers, please take the time to check this out. The video is about farmers in Uganda (look for this coffee in an upcoming month) but you can be assured they are treating their people in Indonesia just as well! Such a cool organization!

We also wanted to let you know that as our club grows (and we’d love your help in recruiting your family, friends, and neighbors) we plan on bringing in one of a kind coffee’s that are small lots, roasted exclusively for the club each month, and plan to share the great stories that go with each one right here in our blog!

Happy Brewing!